Richard Nylon: Feathering the Nest

One of the things I love about Melbourne* is that there is always something new to discover. How many of you have lived here all your lives and never heard of The Johnston Collection, for example? For those of you who are unaware, The Johnston Collection is a house-museum originally belonging to antique collector extraordinaire William Robert Johnston who loved all his things so much that he left them in trust for the public to see at his house, Fairhall, on the condition that the displays change every few months. This cunning plan means that designers, chefs and other creatives are called in to move the furniture and accoutrements out of storage and add their own touches (the last time I went a few years ago, Romance Was Born had curated the exhibition and everything had a kind of nautical sequinny theme). Last week I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Feathering the Nest, a darkly humorous, headwear-themed display at Fairhall by milliner to the stars Richard Nylon.


(Edited update to this post, April 2016: unfortunately I accidentally deleted all the photos from this post while cleaning up my blog media library and I hadn’t saved them on my phone either. AGGGGH. Oh well, all the more reason for you to go to The Johnston Collection in person to check out whatever exhibition they have on!)
*I’m not actually IN Melbourne right now – I’m in Chiang Mai, Thailand. But I’m a bit behind on my posts, so I’ll get to my travel tales later. Make sure to hang around, because there will be CATS (check my Instagram if you just can’t wait!).