Moushi wake nai Monday

“Moushi wake nai” gets used a lot here in Japan (yes, I’m now in Tokyo!) – it means “there’s no excuse” and is one of about a zillion ways of apologising in Japanese. I am using it to say sorry for not posting last week, but I think I kind of do have an excuse…

20150906_104918-1Yes, flea markets (and other shopping) are my excuse. Plus catching up with friends and workmates I haven’t seen for three years and eating way too much. And not knowing how to share the internet from my phone to my laptop – I’m writing this on my phone but it’s really not ideal! Anyway I’ll try to get back to regular posts soon as I am only here for one more day and then it’s back to Laos. I have a long stopover in Seoul so let’s see if I can get a bit done there – unless there are flea markets at Incheon airport I should have no excuse!