Sights of Seoul

Although I had so much fun solo in Seoul that I could go on about it for many, many posts, I decided to make this my third and last (following Stylish Seoul and Super-cheap Seoul). This one’s just a few touristy shots that I took at the two major palaces, Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung and I’m a little confused as to which shots are from which palace. Sorry! They were both beautiful though and perfect for whiling away a few hours.
seoul12palaceseoul6palaceSo much greenery everywhere!
seoul9palaceseoul2ndpalace2 seoul2ndpalace3

I am a big fan of colour as you know, so these walkways with patterned beams really caught my eye.seoul8palace

But I also loved the simplicity of some of the sleeping quarters. Dark stained wood and whitewashed walls – the epitome of minimalist Asian style, and it kind of matched my outfit so I had to get a few shots…


I wasn’t the only one posing – as it was a weekend, there were groups of girls dressed up in hanbok (over their leggings and sneakers!) snapping selfies all over the place. So pretty! And so obliging posing for random tourists!

seoul7palace seoul10palace seoul11palace

I don’t know any other national costume that uses so much pink and so many pastel shades (although maybe that’s a contemporary trend rather than a traditional choice of colour) – from a distance, the girls look like floating sorbets or clouds of fairy floss. Just imagine what the palaces would have looked like when everyone was in traditional dress all the time… even if the colours back then weren’t so soft, the flowing lines of all the ladies in hanbok would have been so elegant.