What Leeyong did next

Once again it’s Monday – the day I usually post – but I didn’t finish the sewing project I was intending to show you. Possibly because I’ve been a bit distracted by the bounty the opshops seem to be serving up at the moment. Look what I’ve found in the past few weeks – just about everything requires considerable refashioning so it’s all in my “to do” pile right now.

silk blouse embroidery

A pure white silk blouse I found at the Salvos for $8 – couldn’t resist the embroidery around the decolletage even though white silk isn’t exactly practical! It’s too big – I’ll possibly use it to make the top part of a dress.

leather look dress

A much-too-big worn-leather-look dress that I got at Vinnies with money left on my gift card. I’ve already unpicked it to make it into a top and shorts. Don’t worry, I won’t wear them with ankle socks in real life!

Chinese dress

A Chinese satiny garment that was maybe a nightie or something? It’s got pyjama-like sleeves and pockets but a metal zip down the front and a mandarin style collar so am not sure for what occasion it was meant. I’ve already removed the zip and am turning it into a light jacket/coat dress. It was $8 from Harrison Community Services opshop and the gold pumps were $5 from the Salvos Thrift Shop.

black embroidery cardigan

This black wool cardigan has embroidery around the neckline and down the front and it was $3 from the RSPCA opshop. I’m actually not sure if I’ll do anything to it, the only reason I haven’t worn it yet as-is is because I don’t wear plain black much, so maybe I’ll add some colour somehow.

Japanese kimono cape

Seriously amazing cape from the Salvos for $15. Someone very clever has made this one! I’m not going to do much to it except fix the collar section. It’s such an impressive design that I’ll have to do a separate post on it some time.

Any suggestions on what to do with any of these pieces? Nothing is really set in stone yet so if you have ideas, let me know!