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Patch Perfect

As much as I’d like to believe that the universe gives you what you ask for, I haven’t often found it to be true. But I’d been in the mood for 70s styling… Continue reading

Who says weddings are expensive?

No, no… not MY wedding! Ha! I’m talking about OTHER PEOPLE’S ceremonies and how pricey it can be attending them because of the costs involved in getting a new outfit and so on.… Continue reading

The caftan story continues

Hello! It’s your local crazy cat lady here, reporting on even more ways to refashion a caftan (so you can give your cat-walking outfits some variety, of course). You might remember that after… Continue reading

From cover-up to mini-caftan

Whether we like it or not, work tends to have a major influence on how we dress. But it wasn’t my part-time office gig that inspired today’s DIY – rather, it was a story my editor there… Continue reading

Painted love

Do you buy the pattern and then find the fabric to fit when you’re sewing? Or do you work the other way around? I must say that after years of working with vintage… Continue reading

The seminal Seminole experience

What do you do when someone gives you an entire shoebox (and they had large feet) full of bias binding in all the colours of the rainbow? This was my dilemma (yeah, first… Continue reading