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The incredible shrinking jumper

You may wonder where I am and what exactly I’m doing in this shot. All will be revealed in the very near future (that is, if you haven’t already seen my weekend Instagrams… Continue reading

Refashioning ethnic dress – Yao jacket

As you might have realised by now, I’m a big fan of ethnic textiles, embroidery and handicrafts – especially crafts that you can actually wear. The problem is, even if a garment is… Continue reading

Yao all come back now!

How many of you would love a holiday where all you do is sew and catch up on DIY projects? Sounds like my idea of heaven – as long as there were a… Continue reading

On the road in Laos #3 – Akha villages

There are so many different peoples living in Laos that it would be impossible for me to try to remember the characteristics of each group, but the Akha people make themselves memorable by… Continue reading

Crushing on 100% royan

If there’s one thing blogging’s great for, it’s helping you push style boundaries. Crushed velvet has never been one of my favourite materials, in fact, in my mind, it rates right up there… Continue reading

Kate Bush eat your heart out!

Recently it was brought to my attention that my wardrobe is full of blue things and that I should wear more red to harness my creativity (which otherwise tends to just run amok,… Continue reading

Indian summer

Many months ago fate was kind to me at one of my favourite op shops. Just as I was about to leave empty handed, one of the staff started bringing stuff out from… Continue reading

Patchy presents

Being notoriously tight, when friends get hitched I often pretend I know nothing of bridal registries and instead whip up something for them on my sewing machine using bits of kimono and other… Continue reading