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Fashion show wrap up – a week late!

Due to my whingeing over the last few posts, you are already familiar with the event that prevented me from bringing you a post-show-post… yes, laptops suffer fashion show fatigue too, and mine… Continue reading


Oh-kay. So I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned several times over the past few months that I, along with the fabulous Fabia, have been organising a fashion show for Fair@Square festival this weekend. If… Continue reading

In which I learn AGAIN that craft does not pay

Whoever said that crime does not pay obviously meant to say craft. Last time I checked, robbing a bank could yield you a gazillion dollars, whereas my profits from the weekend’s craft stall… Continue reading

RMIT’s got talent

Normally unless it’s the Spring Carnival, you will never find me at a racetrack. But when I was invited to Moonee Valley racecourse for the RMIT VIP night this Tuesday, I decided to… Continue reading

Jemima and Geraldine wanted to know…

It’s a rainy weekend here in Melbourne but I’m on a scavenger hunt as Miss Claire tagged me. Fortunately it’s a virtual scavenger hunt or I would be soaked by now! Join me… Continue reading