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How to turn plants into pom poms

I’m sure you are all aware that I do not possess magical powers of any kind (for those who didn’t know, sorry to burst your bubble!) – and yet, yesterday, I turned plants… Continue reading

Happy Birthday St Gertrude, patron saint of cats!

The 17th of March is celebrated in many countries as St Patrick’s Day (and in even more countries, it’s celebrated as my birthday, haha!) but did you know that it’s also the day… Continue reading

’70s splendour

When the modern world gets too much, do you wish you could go back to the good old days? How about we take a trip back to the ’70s today? I got several… Continue reading

Sweat about me?

In the lead-up to fashion week in Melbourne, when style queens and princesses are wearing their manicured fingers to the bone as they forage through their wardrobes for the perfect ensemble to sport… Continue reading