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Mexican with a MasterChef at CERES Community Kitchen

Ever wanted to cook up a storm with friends but don’t have the space in your own kitchen? Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could just rent out a kitchen for your event?… Continue reading

Mexing it up

So, I’m back. The past week has been full of excitement, but I was brought crashing back to earth on the weekend with a seriously long and tricky translation, the deadline for which… Continue reading

MSFW first days

No, I have no idea why this pic is on its side either. But can you tell what it is?Tip: tilt your head to the left.Yes, it’s a hot air balloon floating over… Continue reading

Frida Kahlo had a monkey…

… and I have a cat. But our outfits are kind of similar. Well, at least I think so. (photo from here) I bought this skirt made from Thai silk about two years… Continue reading