Mexican with a MasterChef at CERES Community Kitchen

Ever wanted to cook up a storm with friends but don’t have the space in your own kitchen? Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could just rent out a kitchen for your event? Well, now you can! Wow! (Iolanthe and Myron were both very impressed, as you can see!)

CERES has just launched a community kitchen which you can use for dinner parties, hen’s nights, functions of any kind, or for churning out large quantities of jam or cakes or things like that for fundraisers (it’s a registered commercial kitchen).

Last Friday night, though, my friends and I (including Nerida) decided to use it to take corny photos. (Thanks to Busichic for the better pics in this post!)
OK, puns aside, we did actually do some cooking too. Or more accurately, we did some preparations…
… And then Alice Zaslavsky from MasterChef came in and took over!
Thanks to the power of Twitter and a shared love of food, my workmate Roslyn (above, left) and Alice managed to find each other, and when CERES invited us to try out their kitchen (and kindly threw in some delicious vegies too), Alice jumped at Ros’ offer for her to be the head chef for the evening.
Alice conjured up a Mexican feast including tacos with tempura flathead and chipotle mayo and an amazing jicama salad with lime and jalapeno. I’d never had jicama before (Ros brought some along from her garden!) but will definitely be using it again as it’s very refreshing and hard to get wrong, even for a non-cook like myself, as all you have to do is chop it up and use it with other ingredients in a salad.
Have I made you hungry? Why not get a group of friends together and head to CERES to whip up your own feast? Alice might not be able to get there, but I’m sure it will be delicious anyway!