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Big black dress; big styling potential

Although I’m not usually one to wear much black, I couldn’t ignore the potential of this dress when I found it at Vinnies recently for around $8. Even though it pretty much looked… Continue reading

Retro-fitting retro style #2

OK, so I know this looks like just an excuse to post photos of this dress yet again (this is the third consecutive post it has featured in!) and I admit I am… Continue reading

10 days, 10 items of clothing

I’ve done it! I’ve successfully completed the Vinnies NewYearNewStyle Challenge that I first posted about here. In total, I wore the same 10 pieces of clothing for 14 days, but as I’ve already showed… Continue reading

Micky in the Van’s Style Alumnae

Who knows how this happened, but I was recently chosen to be part of a group of stylish ladies in a photo shoot for another stylish lady, namely Estelle Michaelides, designer of Micky in… Continue reading

Ethnic everything

As mentioned in my previous post, I thought you’d like to see some more from the Ethnic Jewellery book. There were so many inspiring images it was hard to choose, but these were… Continue reading

Your most important DIY project is you!

Although I’ve seen The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles about a gazillion times, Pretty in Pink has never been one of my favourite John Hughes films. In fact, I’d only seen it once… Continue reading

Why don’t YOU?

Whenever I’m short on inspiration, I like to flick through my little library for ideas. Particularly helpful is this book about Diana Vreeland, fashion editor extraordinaire for many years at Harper’s Bazaar. She… Continue reading

Hoarding with a twist

Recently my workmate handed me a copy of this article about hoarding to make fun of my habit of keeping just about everything (I set myself up for it, really, with this recent… Continue reading