No Studio, no life

Back in the day when I was working in the fashion industry in Tokyo, it was nothing unusual for me to be wined and dined while enjoying exclusive entertainment such as THE Grace Jones in song at a Louis Vuitton party, Phoenix performing at a Dior Homme event that guests were bussed to in special charter vehicles and Dita Von Teese teasing us all with a burlesque routine at a lingerie launch. But having come crashing back to earth on my move back to Melbourne, evening entertainment is more likely to entail a DVD and a cuddle with my cat. Nevertheless, the other night I did venture out to mingle with the cool folk at the launch of No Studio, a space for up and coming artists, hidden away in Melbourne Central. Foolishly, I forgot to record this rare event, but fortunately there’s some pictures I prepared earlier for your viewing pleasure, snapped when I was shown around the studio earlier in the week by the lovely Jeremy Ley. I was writing an article for the Living Melbourne magazine and the associated blog, which I’ll link to once it’s up. I’m not up on what’s happening in the art world exactly, but I did like the work by Cat Rabbit and Eveline.