Bagging a bargain

I’ve been showing off my dresses a lot lately, so here’s a break for anyone whose eyes are sick of the sight of me prancing around in the backyard! As part of a recent haul at the Salvos, I found these lovely leather handbags, one very obviously used, one still as new. They were $10 each which is a bit pricey for me, but as they were real leather, and as I’d seen this tooled leather one at the Camberwell market only recently for more like $50, I couldn’t say no. I love the 70s feel of the tooled leather one, and the graduated tone of the other bag had me mystified as I thought someone must have left it sitting in the sun, resulting in part of the bag fading while the rest stayed a dark glossy brown – until my sister pointed out that the inside flap is the same. So that means this gradation was all planned… but it’s a strange feature of this conservatively-shaped bag – I can’t imagine an 80s businesswoman carrying this around to board meetings, plus, it would hardly have held a Filofax. Not that I can poke fun at people who carry too much crap around. As much as I love these bags, I doubt I’ll get much use out of them, because it’s a rare occasion when I don’t need to haul my wallet, bottle of water, umbrella (it’s Melbourne!!), sunglasses, book etc etc around, and they’re unfortunately too small to handle all that. The perfect bag for all occasions that can fit all that crap in it and not cost a crazy amount of cash continues to elude me. I’ll have to put up some more bag posts because while in Japan I nabbed some amazing ones that are meant to be used when wearing kimono and they are so beautiful!
I actually took these shots a few weeks ago… you might recognise the ferns and fungus