Signature style

Recently I accepted a writing brief about signature pieces which made me think a little, as I didn’t think that I had a signature piece, personally. But even though I may not have one particular piece I’d think of as a signature piece, I do wear these jackets ALL THE TIME, and they’re all made from the one pattern (which was drafted with a lot of help from a clever ex). So far I’ve used it to make this green jacket with purple lining, a navy marine-inspired wool one with gold buttons, a tweedy brown vest with little frills at the shoulders, and a black wool jersey baby-doll style jacket, plus a very fitted dress from the same material which you can also see here (and which I could not be bothered squeezing into to photograph when I took these shots yesterday). I wear the green one the most, I love the colour and the tweedy green Chanel-like fabric, I designed it with the purple lining because the colour combination and the very narrow sleeves somehow reminded me of the stereotypical colours used for make-up on tomb paintings and so on in Ancient Egypt and I was trying to do an Egyptian collection… the collection did not eventuate but I still scored the jacket pattern, which I think is not too bad when I’ve used it this many times… and there’s another one in the making which I will post about when it’s done. It’s purple! And it has leather fringing! And it cost about $5 all together! Now if that’s not something to get excited about, I don’t know what is. In fact I shouldn’t have started posting about it just before I go to bed, because how on earth am I going to get to sleep now!? Anyway, what do you think your signature piece is… or your favourite sewing pattern, for that matter? What is it that makes you instantly recognisable across a crowded room – apart from your amazing beauty, that is 🙂 ?