I’m sure you’re all getting sick of photos of me swanning around in the backyard, so for a change here’s a little mystery item that I dug out to photograph when I was cleaning out the garage today … I found it at the Salvos for $1.50 but am not exactly sure what it is. It’s made in Japan and consists of a saucer and a dome-shaped cover with a little hole in it, and the cover is in the shape of a bird. It must be for covering food or something, but is it for something specific or just any random leftovers? It would have to be a child’s set because of the cute design, so maybe for keeping a child’s meal warm or something? It looks like it could be from the 60s or around then anyway. If anyone has any ideas on the matter let me know, there’s no way I’m ever having children so I just bought it because it was cute. Maybe I could use it to cover Suki’s food?