Questions from Clare

Clare and her cat must have thought it was time for me to stop hanging out in mini skirts in front of my shed, because they’ve set me this challenge… I must say it’s very flattering to have people from the other side of the world wanting to know my opinion about all these things, but then I’ve become addicted to reading other people’s blogs too so I know how much fun it is finding out about the little things in our daily lives. And Clare I will get around to doing the tagging part of this challenge… once I think of who I should ask, although there seem to be no end of lovely ladies out there who wouldn’t mind doing this! Is it just me or is blogging a lot more personal and interesting than Facebook?? Personally it also seems like a more safe, supportive, female domain, one I’ve missed now that my work environment is no longer practically exclusively female as it was when I worked at a fashion magazine in Tokyo.

Anyway, I digress. Here are my answers to Clare’s 8 questions.
1. If you had to spend 3 consecutive days on the same train, who would you want with you and why?
I hate to say it but at the moment there are very few humans who I’d want to spend that amount of time with (or who’d want to spend that amount of time with me). I’m going to take the easy way out and say my cat Suki (AKA Superchunk) because she’s always happy to be with me and I’m always happy to see her, and I don’t have to try too hard to make interesting conversation with her. Notice I say I’d be happy to see her. I have not been happy to hear her four times every night lately wanting to come in/go out/come in/go out/eat more/eat different food from what is still left on her plate/wanting me to stand there and pat her while she eats….. hmm, maybe a human would be easier after all… although how many humans do you know who look this cute when they’re washing their butt??

2. Have you ever had a sewing-related injury? Give gory details! If not, any irrational fears?!
Constantly, because I often end up sticking pins in myself when trying stuff that I’m making on. Irrational fears – none with regards to sewing, but I am very scared of chickens. If I had a choice between having to be in a room full of huntsman spiders or a room full of chickens, I’d choose the spiders every time. Eww, chickens….

3. What wouldn’t you be caught dead in? The list is long… fluorescent colours, real animal fur (although I might make an exception for second hand stuff as that would mean the animal was not killed for my benefit… questionable thought process regarding morals??), Pandora bracelets, velour tracksuits, Goth/Emo outfits, 3/4 length beige pants, stiletto heel boots that are really tight all the way up the calf… I’ll stop here before I make myself sick!!

4. What garment/accessory do you wear the most? Garment – unfortunately at the moment it’s jeans because my workplace is pretty casual and there’s no need (or desire on my part) to dress up, but I did a post recently on a jacket I wear all the time and as you may have noticed, I wear a lot of ethnic style jewellery. Not really sure why, but proper jewellery like diamonds etc don’t appeal as much. I prefer to look exotic rather than rich, maybe?

5. Which pattern/vintage style have you been thinking about lately? This relates back to my signature jacket post… it’s not a vintage style, it was drafted for me by my ex, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because I can’t work out how to finish off a purple jacket that I’m making using that pattern. It’s got leather fringing in the back shoulder seams and so the front is relatively plain but I want to be able to wear it closed … but can’t seem to work out what would look best. Double breasted? Single breasted? Self-covered buttons? How big? Leather covered buttons? Hook and eye combo?? Nothing seems right but stay tuned, I’m sick of my own dilly dallying so am going to make a snap decision .. maybe.

6. What is one place you really want to visit that you haven’t been to before? The colours and fabrics of South America definitely have appeal for me. All that embroidery in Guatemala, for instance… I vaguely started looking into a textile tour of the region but it cost $10,000 so that did not happen. I love to go to places where the locals really wear the traditional costume, and not just for dressing up.

7. How do you relax? Relax? What’s that? I suppose most people would say they’d have a drink with friends or something but as I don’t drink, that doesn’t apply. I do get quite antsy if I don’t exercise, so I need to do a long run or a long swim every second day or so. My guilty relaxing pleasure is finishing off a sewing/craft project in front of the TV while eating ice cream or something fattening like cheese on toast, but that happens very rarely indeed.

8. What is your favourite holiday? I’d have to say so far Turkey has been my favourite holiday destination – twice. How can you go past sun, sea, shopping, historical highlights and hot air ballooning with a group of lovely friends?!