Rainy day road trip

You know how Melbourne has been in a drought for, oh, 13 years or something? And how you could be like 99% sure that it would not rain whenever you planned a day full of outdoor activities? Well it seems like those days are over… I planned a day out with my friend at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Cranbourne and the McLelland Sculpture Park, but it rained ALL DAY so we had to go to the Mornington Antique Centre instead. Yes, I know, so tough. We had to look at reasonably priced, amazing retro stuff* for nearly THREE HOURS and then we had to have bacon and eggs in the cafe and then on the way home we were forced to look at multiple rainbows and go for a walk along one of the trails near the gardens and see wallabies. Yeah, thinking about it now I have no idea how we got through it. How was your weekend? I hope you didn’t have to go through such torture too!

*Despite the great prices I did not buy anything .. I think it was because I was too overwhelmed. We’re planning to go back .. maybe with a van and a trailer?? By the way, the reason I decided to go was that someone told me the place is closing down soon. I asked at the centre and yes, it is true, they are going to demolish the site and build a horrible supermarket there some time after September. But the good news is, they are not just closing never to be seen again, apparently they are moving somewhere close by. Do you want an insider tip though? I’d go there within the next few months – I think a lot of the stallholders will have sales and try to shift as much amazingness as possible so that they don’t have to move so much stock to the new premises. But if you go, can you do me a favour and not buy this Chinese oil painting, because I am thinking I should buy it the next time I go… thanks!