Digital love

Just a short one today, I found a new spot in the garden to take my silly shots. It really is tricky taking photos of yourself, especially as the light in Australia is so strong and .. more to the point, my camera and my photography skills are best described as crap. My resizing skills are also crap – I wanted to make these pictures HUGE but the reverse happened. Aggh. (It is now the day after I posted. I discovered the SMALL/MEDIUM/LARGE option when uploading photos for another post so went back and changed this one. No, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it any of the other 70-something times I’ve posted this year either)
Anyway I ventu
red out into this little patch of wilderness to show you this dress I found at Savers last year, it was $7 and I don’t think anyone else would have bought it as Melbourne is the city of black. So I had to rescue it. It needed a fair bit of patching up as there were lots of little holes, but thanks to the crazy pattern no one can even tell that there’s darning all over it (at least I like to think no one can tell). If you look closely you’ll realise it’s not just random colours, it’s actually patterns like pixellated hearts, which I didn’t notice until I bought it.
So what do you think of my jungle backdr
op? It’s full of wild animals, as you can see…

Oh, and happy July 7. In Japan, it’s Tanabata, the star festival, where if it’s a fine evening, star-crossed lovers (the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, from memory) can meet once a year in the heavens. It’s not raining here, so hopefully they’re enjoying their yearly rendezvous up there!