Show and tell time

When even your tiny little geriatric cat can’t find her way under your bed due to all the crap under there, you know it’s time to clean up. Although admittedly sometimes I like to “clean up” just so I can dig out some of the stuff I’ve kept since I was little or acquired at flea markets, op shops and so on and admire it again, sort of like my own personal stocktake. I like the juxtaposition of junk from every period in my life, and now you get to look at it too! Could you BE any luckier!?

This is an old chipped lacquered bento box from a flea market in Tokyo that I now use as a jewellery box for some of my earrings.

The little ladies with bobbly heads are from.. um.. who knows, I’ve had them ever since I can remember.

And here are two old cats… Suki’s 18 and Sam must be about 33 as I’ve had him since I was a toddler. I hugged him so much that his whiskers are all squashed all over his nose. I’d do the same to Suki but she has only just started to tolerate cuddles. She’s either a bit of a late bloomer, or is just getting too old to be bothered wriggling.

Some Chinese picture books from when my dad thought he could teach me Chinese. I love the graphics, even though they’re probably direct rip offs of Dick Bruna.

Retro-kitschy red porcelain cats from an op shop with a Japanese Vogue beauty supplement as the backdrop.

More kitsch-cute graphics on a bead kit from China that I’ve had since I was 8 or so and still haven’t used… what do you mean, I’m a procrastinator!?

And this has nothing to do with anything, but I seem to have lost a follower.. Clare from Lucky Mia, where are you? You and your blog seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth and I’m worried!