Sweater girl

Remember the jumper I showed you not so long ago? Well I didn’t think I’d get around to doing anything to it before next winter, but it was so cold yesterday that I decided I’d be able to wear it this year after all and turned it into a dress today.

It didn’t take too long, all I did was turn it inside out, pin it from sleeve cuff to waist hem on each side working up to taking about 5cm off at the armpit,
try it on a zillion times to check that it was going to look OK while as usual dodging those scratchy pins, and then sew and overlock along the pinning line.

Simple! Basically just made it a slimmer fit, and restrained myself from fiddling with the V-neck which I’m not so crazy about. But if I wear a scarf with it you can’t see that anyway… I made this pink fringed one ages ago but have never worn it – I love how these contrasting colours go together though!

And don’t worry, I didn’t go out like this, I was sensible and put some tights on when I went out for dinner tonight – it was only 8 degrees so I would have frozen otherwise! What’s happened to spring!?