Caught up in the web of memory lane

It’s a gorgeous spring day but instead of cavorting around in it, I’ve been trying to get my head around how to upload stuff onto my website.

I had the website made last December and have been paying a monthly fee for it since then, but have not actually made it go live or whatever that expression is, because it is up to me to upload the content. BAD business decision!

Being crap when it comes to technology, I have allowed just about everything else in life to distract me from this important task… blogging, trying to find a job, sewing, op shopping, playing with the cat, cleaning under my bed, extracting navel fluff (not from under the bed!) … you know how it is, basically employing all methods of procrastination possible to avoid the task at hand.

However, I decided it was a waste of money to be paying $54/month and not getting anything out of it due to my own laziness. So today has been spent trying to find photos of my dresses that are still available, resize them, upload them onto just ONE page of the site.. all that exciting stuff.

These are a few of the pics I found in the process, all of them from at least two years ago (aggh!!!)… (and yes, that is Mischa Barton wearing my dress…)

Do you think it’s fair to blame my friends who keep having babies for my not getting work done? I do! Evil friends! I have to keep making baby presents, which in the past few weeks has kept me away from my website and doing important but boring stuff. My most recent effort has been these rompers which are made from the same material as the skirt I’m wearing above, but for a baby boy in Japan. They’re from this pattern which I showed you earlier. Sweet, hey?