Cape of Good Hope

How’s the weather where you are? It’s been pretty hot over here (as you’d expect, in the middle of summer, although being Melbourne, it can be 45 degrees one minute and snowing the next) but that didn’t stop me buying a woollen cape at Savers the other day.

At only $4.99, a normal person wouldn’t have given the purchase a second thought, but not only am I possibly the tightest person ever, I do already have a kimono overcoat in this colour, and my wardrobe is kind of bursting at the seams so much that I have to store stuff in the garage.

I eventually gave in to temptation though – how could I resist the gorgeous coral colour?

Of course I won’t be wearing it until winter, at which time I possibly will be wearing a little more underneath it… but the day I took these photos it was something like 30 degrees… so hopefully you will excuse me!

If you’re liking the idea of a cape, I think it would be really easy to make one out of a light blanket or even a really big pashmina, it’s basically just a rectangle cut vertically to half way, maybe with a little bit of the neck cut for shaping too.

At the risk of sounding even more airheady than usual, don’t clothes look entirely different when they’re in motion?

Apart from having too many clothes already, another reason I had to stop and think a bit before buying this cape was that I didn’t think it looked that great when I was standing in the shop looking at it in the mirror, but once it’s moving around, it’s a whole new story…

It makes me feel like a mix of Wonder Woman, Masai warrior and style queen and nearly makes me wish for winter!