Delights of Daylesford

Why is it that working out outfits for a single weekend away is as tricky as packing for a whole month of holidays? It’s usually because I’m trying to fit in activities as diverse as bushwalking, lying on a beach, hanging out in a fancy cafe and browsing at a market (OK, more like six!).
Last weekend, though, my packing brief was simple: dress to be pampered. Along with four other bloggers (whom you will meet later in this post and more to come – if you don’t know them already), I was invited to discover the delights of Daylesford in a manner to which I am extremely prepared to become accustomed, thanks to Dayget and Spa Country.

Of course, being the multi-tasker that I am, I wanted to fit in a bit of wandering around in the Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens before getting totally spoiled, so practical footwear was required. Here I am in the fernery in said practical footwear, aka school sandals that I found in an op shop for $3, teamed with my DIY skirt, $5 op shop handbag and top that was a gift from a friend.    

I managed to find Iolanthe and Marianne relaxing in the gardens too, in suitably colourful floral attire.

After some lazing around on the lawn, we made our way to High Tea under The Arches at Peppers Mineral Springs Retreat to get to know Chris Malden and Wayne Cross, our lovely hosts. Apart from running several businesses, the guys also operate a successful farm. And I thought I was a multi-tasker!

All the crockery used at the High Teas is vintage, and a lot of it is sourced from markets and op shops (these two are guys after my own heart!)

Blame the picturesque setting or the delicious food, but there was a lot of snapping going on!

The individual platters contained (clockwise from top left) candied rose petals atop a creamy, moussey concoction; dates and pistachios in a crispy cone served with Persian fairy floss; passionfruit cream with a white chocolate shell; a chocolate layered sponge-type treat, and a meringue with lemon and basil cream centre. In summary, a delight for the senses!

… and even prettier when bright coral nail polish is in the picture too (thanks Sarah for being the model!)

Now, stop drooling, because I want to know if you were paying attention to my fernery outfit. Can you spot what I’ve done to transform it into something high tea-worthy? (Hint, it’s not just the sunglasses!)

Yes, I’ve put a peplum on it and swapped the school sandals for wedges. Oh, and added some accessories, of course! A simple change, but it made me feel a lot more fancy (thanks to Iolanthe for making me look fancy too, in this photo).

Of course it’s easy to feel fancy when you have a setting like this, right Sarah?

Peppers has some gorgeous Tuscan-inspired gardens which are the setting for Villa Parma, luxury accommodation that is perfect for weddings (if you’re not getting married in the near future, I highly recommend coming up with some other kind of celebration or any excuse at all to get down and check it out!).

Wayne and Chris have worked very hard to restore the heritage-listed property, which is about 150 years old. Their labours have certainly paid off.

If you ever got sick of the gardens (extremely unlikely!), or if it got too hot in summer (a lot more likely) you could always have a cellar-bration. 

When we saw this space in the cellar, we couldn’t resist thinking up all the fabulous theme parties that could happen here. Something medieval perhaps?

There’s plenty more to come about the delights of Daylesford – this post only covers Saturday afternoon! I’m sure you’ll be interested to see what else we got up to… hint: markets, vintage goodness and of course FOOD just might get mentioned…

先週末、DaygetSpa Countryの招待でブロガー友達5人でデールスフォードという田舎街に訪れました。温泉が有名な街ですが、最近料理でも話題になってきました。Peppers Mineral Springsには温泉、レストラン、宿泊、そしてハイ・ティー(おしゃれなアフターヌーンティー)が楽しめる場所がそろっていて、とても素敵なトスカニア風庭園もあります。土曜日の午後、ハイ・ティーをいただいた後、庭園でお散歩しました。とてもお天気で、本当に幸せでした!メルボルンから車で一時間半ぐらいで行けるので、日帰りでもOKですが、せっかくだから、入浴して、おいしいご飯食べて、ぶらぶらして、一泊でもしてみたらいかが?