Got a minute?

 If you have about 60 seconds, a scrap of lace or braid, a pair of scissors and some bobby pins, then you’re all ready for the quickest and easiest DIY ever.

 I wasn’t even sure if I should bother posting about this as it’s so easy! All you do is cut the lace (I used a very heavy kind of gold brocadey braidy stuff… yes, that’s its official name, and yes, it has been sitting around in my haberdashery stash for about 10 years) to fit neatly over your head just above the ears, then use the bobby pins to secure it.   

Of course I could have stitched elastic to the braid to make it into a hairband, but I didn’t want the elastic to show. Apart from that, the only “tip” I could really offer for this super-simple project is to cut the braid according to its pattern (in this case, a kind of trailing vine design) rather than just straight across. Enough said, I think! Oh, and yes, I made the earrings too – well, remade them. All I did was attach a bit of chain to some clip-ons that had little rings on each side. Easy!