Wellness Wednesday: DO go chasing waterfalls

OK, I admit, the main reason for this post isn’t really about wellness. It’s more about twisting song lyrics for my own purposes … and sharing this barely believable scenery.



This gorgeous waterfall is called Kuang Si and is not far from the township of Luang Prabang in Laos, which I have visited several times now. Goodness knows why but I hadn’t been to Kuang Si until last week. Can you believe this natural wonder?


I haven’t doctored these photos in any way, the water really is this colour because it passes through limestone and gets tiny particles of calcium in it, or something like that.


I’d just trekked up and down muddy paths with a guide to reach the waterfall and was dripping buckets of sweat (and mud!) so once I got there I couldn’t wait to jump in for a swim.



I’d thought it might be freezing and nearly chickened out but it was just pleasantly cool and so refreshing! Plus, in the shallows were little fish nibbling at swimmers’ feet and legs. People pay for “fish massages” all over Thailand and Laos so it was like a little extra got thrown in for free! If only I had one of these waterfalls (and the appropriate weather in which to fully appreciate it) in my own backyard in Melbourne… but in the absence of that, I might just have to make this my screensaver. Calm blue ocean? I think I prefer this calm blue waterfall!