Catwoman’s cardigan

Ask just about any Melburnian lady to name a staple wardrobe item and “cardigan” will be near the top of the list, thanks to our crazy weather. Until a few weeks ago, though, there was not a single good old cardie in my wardrobe (especially as I had already donated this one).  It’s hard for me to find one that looks just right – the chunky ones are too bulky to fit under coats and the formfitting ones are super unflattering, as you can see here… I think it’s something to do with the V-neck shape and my scrawny arms.*

I found this one (and another one, practically the same, in grey, which I might post about later) for about $2 at the BSL recently (I say “about” because they had 50% off knits and I bought four for $24 without really knowing which one cost what). Both of them were 100% wool, so despite what they looked like when I tried them on in the shop (ie hideous) I didn’t want to pass them up. Here’s what the black one looks like now…


Even though I was really in search of a cardigan, I was also in need of a long-sleeved top that can be worn under other jumpers but looks OK by itself too. To transform it, I sewed it together at the front and removed the buttons, and as it was a bit long I chopped off (and edged) a bit around the hem…


… which can now be worn around the neck, loosely as a short scarf, or snugly like I’m wearing it here – it even does up as I left this button in place (sorry for the extreme close-up which was necessary to show the button!).card5

Admittedly, this DIY is quite similar to this jumper… but this top is stretchier and lighter, so it can be worn in quite different ways. Plus, it kind of makes me feel like Catwoman. A Catwoman whose superpowers are opshopping and making stuff out of crap.


*No, I haven’t moved to a new place, I took this shot while I was catsitting at a friend’s apartment recently. You might have seen photos of my chubby little charge on Instagram, but if not, here’s a good one.