Wellness Wednesday: Salted Caramel Salad

Do you love salted caramel flavour so much you wish you could eat it all the time? But being a grown up, you know you can’t eat dessert for every meal (sometimes it’s so depressing being an adult, isn’t it!). Well, here’s your solution. Salted caramel… salad.


It may look suspiciously like chickpeas and carrots, but I promise it’s a chewy, salty, caramelly treat. And I made it up, so there’s your proof that it’s insanely simple to cook. Here’s the recipe:

Ingredients (serves two as part of a meal or more as a snacky side dish)

1 can organic chickpeas

2 baby carrots

teaspoon honey

shake of salt

olive oil


Rinse and drain chickpeas. Heat a non-stick frying pan to medium heat and dry fry chickpeas until slightly charred. Shake salt over chickpeas while still in the pan. Slice carrots into half-discs and dry fry on medium heat until slightly charred, then cover with a little water to effectively parboil. Before water completely evaporates, add honey and mix in before switching heat off. Combine chickpeas and carrots and drizzle with olive oil.


Now, who said you don’t win friends with salad?