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On the road in Laos #1

 Hi! After some fairly erratic posting, I’m back in Melbourne and the blogging is resuming to its usual schedule. Did I actually tell you what the purpose of my trip was? Through my… Continue reading

Legs, arms, meh….

How are you all? This is where I must apologise for my absence – I’m still in Laos, in Luang Prabang right now and dripping all over the floor at the internet cafe.… Continue reading

Lao limits

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter you are possibly wondering where I’ve nicked off to. Well, I’m on the hunt for fair trade artisans in Laos. I arrived yesterday after… Continue reading

My-thai top

Hi, and welcome to the latest installment of “finally getting around to doing something with stuff that has been in my cupboard for about twenty years”. (First installment here, for those of you… Continue reading

Look who dropped in!

Thanks to my penchant for op shopping and whipping up my own wardrobe, it’s pretty rare for me to turn up anywhere wearing the same thing as anyone else. But great minds do… Continue reading

Lao’d and proud

So, as I mentioned the other day, it’s now been a year since I started this blog! Well, more than a year now. But not quite a year since my first proper post.… Continue reading

Adventures in Aberglenistan

The taste of freedom was one to savour on my first Sunday away from the office for months over the Easter break. What was I to do with an entire selfish day to… Continue reading

New Kid on the Blog

Consider yourself warned. There will be more bad wordplays with ’80s references masquerading as titles for my posts. And sometimes I might even sneak them into the posts themselves! I’m tricky that way!Now… Continue reading

Taking a break before I even begin

Starting a blog is no big deal, right? At least it used not to be. But when I started thinking about the fabulousness of certain bloggers (the amazing Tavi, the charming Lady Melbourne,… Continue reading