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The incredible shrinking jumper

You may wonder where I am and what exactly I’m doing in this shot. All will be revealed in the very near future (that is, if you haven’t already seen my weekend Instagrams… Continue reading

Refashioning ethnic dress is not a sinh!

Remember I told you about my trip to the Talat Sao in Vientiane? Well, this was one of the things I purchased there. It’s a vintage sinh*, apparently from the Houa Phan region,… Continue reading

Refashioning ethnic dress

 Did you enjoy my snaps of Laos in the last two posts? I have since realised that I didn’t tell you what I actually got at the Talat Sao (apart from the jewellery)… Continue reading

Laos – at my adopted home

When I wasn’t out re-exploring Vientiane on my recent trip to Laos, I was spending time at “home”. I stayed at Kommaly‘s place again, but this time her daughter (my friend Boby) was… Continue reading

Laos – out on the town

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I spent a few days in Laos recently. Here are some happy snaps from out and about in the capital, Vientiane. Textiles at one of the… Continue reading

Circle skirts seam like a good idea

I know, fellow Melburnians, it really isn’t the right weather to be gadding about in this summery clothes combo. But I wanted to show you this skirt I made a few months ago… Continue reading

Yao all come back now!

How many of you would love a holiday where all you do is sew and catch up on DIY projects? Sounds like my idea of heaven – as long as there were a… Continue reading

It’s a shawl thing

Some of my readers (and friends!) have been asking what I was actually doing in Laos (when I wasn’t sitting around in cafes nibbling on desserts or getting drenched due to the Lao… Continue reading

Bangles, not bombs

To my regular readers who are wondering what has happened to my posts involving recycling and making stuff out of crap, today’s post is still about my trip to Laos – but just happens to be about… Continue reading

On the road in Laos #3 – Akha villages

There are so many different peoples living in Laos that it would be impossible for me to try to remember the characteristics of each group, but the Akha people make themselves memorable by… Continue reading