Wellness Wednesday: all-natural air freshener

As much as I love cats (which is a LOT), keeping them indoors can be a bit stinky. Growing up, we never had this problem as the cats mainly hung out outside and had a whole acre of land to bury their business, but when I started fostering cats at my apartment last year the litter tray smell wafting out from the bathroom really started to bother me. (Wow, this is a REALLY glamorous post, isn’t it!)
I didn’t want to start using chemical air fresheners so kept my antennae out for a natural solution, and what did I happen to see on someone’s Facebook page? A little mention about cloves being great for deodorising air AND keeping away insects. 


“Ha, how could sprinkling a few cloves around battle the pong of cat poo?” I thought to myself (it’s just getting more and more glamorous!) but as a bag of cloves costs hardly anything and I love their fragrance, I gave it a go…


… and was pleasantly surprised. So now I have little bowls of cloves in the bathroom and in the living area too. Luckily cats don’t seem to like cloves so they don’t tend to go and chew on them and upset the bowl everywhere. It’s also a bonus that the cloves necessitate the use of little decorative bowls because I have heaps of them from my travels and otherwise they don’t get used. These ones are made of buffalo horn and I bought them in Indonesia last year. I’m very partial to buffalo horn (cue shameless plug for my jewellery range, haha).

Doesn’t this look much nicer than having a can of air freshener sitting around?


You can make cloves into pomander balls for your wardrobe (or to hang like decorative pom poms elsewhere… pom-pomanders?) or put them into little cushiony bags if you prefer. For those of you crazy people who don’t like cloves, they don’t actually scent the room much at all (unless it’s a really small room), but just seem to remove whatever yukky odour is in there, so give them a go.