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Shiny shades – a DIY fail?

Have you ever stuffed up a DIY project? Over my years of sewing, there have been quite a few pieces that haven’t turned out exactly as I’d planned, but they’re usually rescue-able. When… Continue reading

Making blogging history at Fashionopolis 2012

“Woohoo! We made history this weekend!” How? (Or, if you read Jenny Bannister’s DIY necklace, you might be asking “why?”)  Well, Nuffnang, the ever-entrepreneurial Lady Melbourne and some other talented people got together… Continue reading

Street style gives me ideas

Where do you get DIY ideas? These days there are so many bloggers we can turn to for inspiration – I don’t mean just for their outfit styling, I’m talking about people like… Continue reading

If you don’t like it then you shoulda put a ruffle on it*

*All the sewing ladies.. all the sewing ladies…. here’s a simple DIY for you!Years ago I made a dress from some printed Thai silk that was given to me, probably by my grandmother,… Continue reading

Twinkletoes DIY style

Are you a fan of A Pair & a Spare? I have been ever since some friends got me hooked on its DIY goodness and the super style of its creator (how many… Continue reading

Hey Dude!

Hi guys, and I do mean GUYS specifically. You see, recently my sister’s friend was out with a guy and who knows how they got to talking about me, but it turned out… Continue reading

A hook-up for knitwits

A fun idea, no? I am doing a fashion shoot on that weekend but I’ll try to make it down to city square at some stage. Will I see you there?

Double dose of DIY

It’s a sad fact of life that all good things must come to an end, holidays in particular. I’ve had three whole weeks off but am back to the daily grind tomorrow –… Continue reading

Dyeing to know your opinions!

… so I was at Camberwell market a few weeks ago and happened on a stall selling dead stock. Everything was $5 each, so of course I couldn’t resist buying a few pieces,… Continue reading