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LMFF: Pier pressure

It was a whirlwind week, but LMFF is over for another year. Did you make it to any of the shows? If not, here’s the action you missed – away from the runway*.… Continue reading

T-dress times two

Do you remember this dress?   More to the point, did I ever actually post about the original refashioning that I did on it? I was sure I had, which is why I didn’t… Continue reading

Refashioning ethnic dress is not a sinh!

Remember I told you about my trip to the Talat Sao in Vientiane? Well, this was one of the things I purchased there. It’s a vintage sinh*, apparently from the Houa Phan region,… Continue reading

Put a peplum on it

Hello sewing types! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a DIY but hopefully this one will make up for that. It’s also about how to easily take an outfit from work-safe… Continue reading

A perfect zip every time

 Although I have been sewing for something like a quarter of a century (aggh!), I still feel pretty unqualified to give sewing advice. However, I passed on a tip about how to insert… Continue reading

Join me for Me-Made-March?

I’m doing this – are you? I also participated in Self-stitched September, also run by So, Zo, so if you want to see what I got up to there, go back to my… Continue reading

In which you are sadly mistaken

The fashion industry is all about glamour, or so it would have you believe. But behind every glossy fashion spread is a harassed stylist .. and their assistant. This week I was assisting… Continue reading