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March magic

I’ve been able to get to quite a few op shops this month, and while I’m trying to show off some of my finds in a bit of an arty way (read ‘fiddling… Continue reading

Birthday girls

Look how cute my cat Suki is (and ignore the mess of my bedroom in the background). Tomorrow it will be 17 years since I got her, because I got her for my… Continue reading

Out of the closet

The hail storm I mentioned the other day caused SERIOUS damage in the area where I live, with windows of houses and cars broken, plants completely shredded etc. I also had to rescue… Continue reading

PS … I’m in love…

Here’s something else to distract you, if you’re into making cool stuff out of crap like I am. I am in awe of this site ( )and if I had a spare… Continue reading

The why? of the Tiger

Two big events today, both of which have the colour red in common and not a lot else. Namely, Valentine’s Day (irrelevant for me this year.. yet again..) and the first day of… Continue reading