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Fashion show fatigue

Well, apologies everyone, my computer has died (I think it’s a case of fashion show fatigue) so all my grand plans for millions of pictures from the fashion show have been put on… Continue reading

Baby love #2

It really seems to be the international year of the baby this year… I actually read in the paper recently that there’s a baby boom, so it’s not just my imagination. I showed… Continue reading

Baby love

Babies seem to be everywhere these days!! All my friends seem to be having them, which means a fair amount of time is taken in making presents to welcome the little ones into… Continue reading

Tag time

So I’ve finally got down to the task of tagging some bloggers who have been kind enough to make the trip to Style Wilderness. *Caz at Bird With the Golden Seed because I… Continue reading

Batik is back

Another quickie today – I am trying to think of some questions to tag other bloggers with as per my most recent post but my brain is on a break (it is the… Continue reading

To a tea

Last Sunday I had a day off work, and we all know what happens when I have a Sunday off… although this time I kept it a bit more local and went to… Continue reading

Kitty wrestling

Still at work on the translation… while checking out people’s blogs, of course (I really need to focus!). My mind is so much in Japan recently what with reading all about kimono and… Continue reading

Dresses for Dubai

Late last year a friend from Tokyo asked me to whip up some dresses for a new store he was helping with in Dubai, Valleydez. Of course it happened to be the busiest… Continue reading

Porn for the fashion obsessed

A short but sweet post… here’s yet another beautiful distraction, thanks to Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing… you’ll have to click through to see what I’m talking about as I don’t have… Continue reading

Taking a chance on pants

Not long ago I experienced the unparalleled joy of visiting EIGHT, yes EIGHT op shops in the one morning. This journey was not as lucrative as it might sound, as I only ended… Continue reading