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Wellness Wednesday: can pulled pork be vegan?

A disclaimer to start this post: I’m not vegan or even vegetarian, but I don’t eat much meat (I never cook it at home, unless it’s boiling chicken for a foster cat with an… Continue reading

Little black dress = little black lifesaver

You might remember a few posts ago that I complained I was frustrated about what to wear in winter. It’s been taking me ages to get dressed in the morning as I agonise about outfits that… Continue reading

Wellness Wednesday: best hot chocolate ever

That’s a pretty big claim, isn’t it? But I think once you’ve tried this hot chocolate, you’ll agree. Let me start with a big disclaimer though, it is not something I came up with… Continue reading

Wellness Wednesday: Fashion Revolution

So far, the posts in this series have focused on ways you can improve and maintain your own health. But your own actions – however small they may seem to you – can dramatically… Continue reading

For style that’s evergreen…

Is it possible to be sick of winter before it’s even begun? The more I advance in years, the more I feel the cold, and the hail and chilly winds in Melbourne yesterday had this… Continue reading

Shorts for all seasons

Have you heard the expression “aspirational fashion”? It’s used to refer to ridiculously glamorous and expensive fashion which the admirer would never wear in real life, due to their social and/or financial circumstances.… Continue reading

Wellness Wednesday: material girl

Just a quick one today to point you towards an article I wrote for Peppermint magazine’s Autumn 2015 issue – “Fabric guide: polyester”. It’s one of a series of articles I’m doing for them… Continue reading

Flamenco fix-up

Sometimes secondhand discoveries make you feel like dancing… …well, nearly (anyone who knows me will be shocked at this photo as I never, like EVER, dance). Often I buy things that aren’t quite… Continue reading

Wellness Wednesday: cold and flu fighters in your kitchen

It seems that after last weekend’s burst of hot weather, Melbourne’s summer is over – and with autumn have come the ubiquitous colds, flu and general lurgies that lay a large percentage of the… Continue reading

What would Romance Was Born do?

If anyone were to ask me if I work well under pressure, I’d generally say no. But lately it seems for various reasons I’m leaving more and more tasks to the last minute,… Continue reading