Wellness Wednesday: the lip balm I love

Of all the items in my skincare kit, lip balm is by far the one I’m most fussy about. When it comes to buying cleansers, moisturisers, sunscreens and any other lotions or potions, I tend to use whatever is friendly to my wallet and the planet at the time (although I do also use the freebies I get at fashion weeks or events sometimes even if they wouldn’t necessarily be on the “nice” list in either regard). But I’m strangely loyal to my Olieve & Olie* lip balm. It’s the one thing that gets used several times a day and as such I go into mild panic mode if I forget to bring it with me.


It has seriously impressive staying power, even overnight – I put it on just before I go to bed and in the morning it is still there doing its job, which is of course to stop my lips going dry. Simple job, really, but not all lip balms are up to this task! Plus, it smells fantastic in that subtle way that only a real vanilla scent can (if only we could send smells over the internet! Well, nice ones like this anyway).


And where does the “wellness” come in? It’s in the ingredients. Olieve & Olie’s whole range of skincare is based on extra virgin olive oil from regional Victoria, and the lip balm also uses organic beeswax and other natural ingredients such as honey and mandarin essential oil. None of the naughty stuff! The only catch is that it doesn’t seem to be stocked in many places in the Melbourne area, so when my little jar starts to run low I start seriously considering a trip to Felix in Mornington because I know they sell it (and because it’s a good excuse to eat their yummy food and go op shopping in the area and stay at Aquabelle, but I digress). If you can’t make it to Mornington and you want to try it, though, it is also sold online on the Olieve & Olie site as well as these places.


*Although this is a blatant plug for a product, this is not a sponsored post. I just like letting others know when I’ve discovered a great product, and Olieve & Olie is a brand I think is worth supporting as any of the items that I’ve tried from their range have been so nourishing for the skin and smell divine.