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Ethnic everything

As mentioned in my previous post, I thought you’d like to see some more from the Ethnic Jewellery book. There were so many inspiring images it was hard to choose, but these were… Continue reading

Sewing a piece of sunshine

It’s going to be a hot one in Melbourne this week, after what seems like a ridiculously slow start to summer. Maybe, in these last two days of my day job before my… Continue reading

Treasures from my travels

I’m back! But my computer problems haven’t magically fixed themselves while I was away, so instead of the copious photos of exotic locales (aka my happy snaps from Laos and Burma), here’s just… Continue reading

Textile teaser

It’s my last night in Vientiane and I thought I might get a post done before I head off to Burma tomorrow, but it doesn’t look like that will happen. So for now,… Continue reading

Buy a silk scarf – your skin will thank you

Everyone has their retail weakness, and one of mine is silk scarves. If I ever see a basket of them at an op shop or market I find it very difficult to resist… Continue reading

Triple the thrifty holiday fun!

Can you believe it’s JULY already, people? Where on earth does the time go? This time last week I was sitting on a beach in Bali, and now here I am back in… Continue reading

Batik for Bali

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m off overseas this week. Here’s my holiday wardrobe… I’m quite proud of myself as it’s nearly all either DIY or op-shop stuff, including this white… Continue reading

Refashioning ethnic dress is not a sinh!

Remember I told you about my trip to the Talat Sao in Vientiane? Well, this was one of the things I purchased there. It’s a vintage sinh*, apparently from the Houa Phan region,… Continue reading

What I know about wool…

…isn’t a great deal, but after an interpreting gig for some Japanese suit retailers this week, I sure know a lot more about wool than I did before. Visually this post is not… Continue reading

On the road in Laos #1

 Hi! After some fairly erratic posting, I’m back in Melbourne and the blogging is resuming to its usual schedule. Did I actually tell you what the purpose of my trip was? Through my… Continue reading