Patchy presents

Being notoriously tight, when friends get hitched I often pretend I know nothing of bridal registries and instead whip up something for them on my sewing machine using bits of kimono and other… Continue reading

Staycation spending spree

It must be the fact that I normally work in a shed in an asphalt carpark in an industrial estate on a freeway leading to nowhere that has led to my sudden retail… Continue reading

Fishing for compliments

One of the main aims of this blog (yes, theoretically there is a point to it…) is to show off amazing STUFF from places that would not normally be on the radar style-wise.… Continue reading

The why? of the Tiger

Two big events today, both of which have the colour red in common and not a lot else. Namely, Valentine’s Day (irrelevant for me this year.. yet again..) and the first day of… Continue reading

New Kid on the Blog

Consider yourself warned. There will be more bad wordplays with ’80s references masquerading as titles for my posts. And sometimes I might even sneak them into the posts themselves! I’m tricky that way!Now… Continue reading

Taking a break before I even begin

Starting a blog is no big deal, right? At least it used not to be. But when I started thinking about the fabulousness of certain bloggers (the amazing Tavi, the charming Lady Melbourne,… Continue reading