PS … I’m in love…

Here’s something else to distract you, if you’re into making cool stuff out of crap like I am. I am in awe of this site ( )and if I had a spare… Continue reading

Smooth operator

In another short post – how amazing is this album cover? I haven’t been able to find out who designed the dress, but I will be attempting to make one for myself very… Continue reading

Clogs rock

I can’t remember how I stumbled on this brand, but Swedish Hasbeens rock. And they will be mine one day.And on that day, I will also work out why only half the image… Continue reading

Harlem homage

Yesterday I went to see Precious, which I had thought I’d need several boxes of tissues to get through. It turned out not to be such a tearjerker, although the subject matter (black,… Continue reading

Technologically challenged

As you may have guessed by now, technology is not my strong point, which is why I still haven’t worked out much beyond how to put pictures and hyperlinks up on this blog.… Continue reading

Sustainable Living Festival Slow Fashion show

Melbourne has its fair share of fashion events, but the ones I’m most interested in supporting are the ones which tie in with my love of “do-gooding and looking decent while doing it”.… Continue reading

Everything sounds better in French

I mentioned previously that I tend to get distracted extremely easily. None the more so than when shoes are involved. The purpose of my expedition to the DFO shopping centre the other day… Continue reading

Patchy presents

Being notoriously tight, when friends get hitched I often pretend I know nothing of bridal registries and instead whip up something for them on my sewing machine using bits of kimono and other… Continue reading

Staycation spending spree

It must be the fact that I normally work in a shed in an asphalt carpark in an industrial estate on a freeway leading to nowhere that has led to my sudden retail… Continue reading

Fishing for compliments

One of the main aims of this blog (yes, theoretically there is a point to it…) is to show off amazing STUFF from places that would not normally be on the radar style-wise.… Continue reading