Signature style

Recently I accepted a writing brief about signature pieces which made me think a little, as I didn’t think that I had a signature piece, personally. But even though I may not have… Continue reading

Felt like a change…

Woo hoo! The kimono book translation is finished! It won’t be actually published for yonks of course, so here’s one I prepared earlier. Well actually this is the Japanese version as the English… Continue reading

18 years in the making

Have you ever belittled yourself for procrastinating or not finishing things you started? What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever needed to complete a craft project? I’m thinking I could be in… Continue reading

Batik, baby, ye-ah!

Although my life is, like, a constant whirlwind of social engagements and glamorous fashiony events* I do sometimes just manage to squeeze in some writing gigs, the most regular one being for Peppermint… Continue reading

Chain of fools

Like anyone interested in fashion I’m a fan of Garance Dore’s blog and her amazing photography. Recently I saw this post and fell in love with this bracelet … which is not available… Continue reading

19 steps to frustration

So the kimono book translation is over and the checking begins. The last chapter was probably the trickiest as it was the chapter on how to actually wear the kimono, as in, how… Continue reading

It’s not my birthday…

…but this week I seem to be getting the presents. I got home the other day to find a little cardboard box waiting for me* with some fabulous printed African fabric in it… Continue reading

Dark days

It seems to be a while since I did a fashiony sort of post, but after reading the post on Colette Patterns about sewing and wearing black outfits, I started thinking about the… Continue reading

Kitty wrestling

Still at work on the translation… while checking out people’s blogs, of course (I really need to focus!). My mind is so much in Japan recently what with reading all about kimono and… Continue reading

The final chapter

I’m into the sixth week of a translating job and amazingly am on schedule… in fact today I got up to the final chapter. Yay! As it’s a book about kimono I thought… Continue reading