Boy oh boy

While I sometimes bemoan my lack of feminine charms I will admit that sometimes it is handy not to have much going on in the bust or a butt area. I was reminded… Continue reading

Ultra Violet

A while ago I posted about my favourite jacket pattern and mentioned that there would be an addition to this family very soon. Well, I’m proud to announce that, many fitting and styling… Continue reading

Melbourne Open House

I know I’ve been posting a lot about Melbourne stuff lately, but it’s not my fault when there’s so much to do thanks to the State of Design festival! This weekend I forced… Continue reading

Who, me?

I got a beautiful blogger award! Thanks Karin at Ancien Nouveau! Yes, people, the beautiful Karin is to blame for encouraging me to crap on even more than I do normally to let… Continue reading

So Ethic, So Melbourne

Aah Melbourne. It’s mid-winter but feels like spring. At least it did this morning when I made the decision to wear open-toed shoes and black fake-fur legwarmers.* Had I known it was later… Continue reading

Blogging breakfast and Design Made Trade

What did you get up to today? I had a very lovely day out and I have the pictures to prove it!One of the somewhat questionable benefits of being underemployed is that I… Continue reading

Well how about if I wear them this way?

OK, so I’m setting myself up for derision again, I know, but even after all the “AGGH MY EYES”- type comments in reaction to the shoes I trialled the other day, I was… Continue reading

Black Booty

I know op shopping is not a competition, but don’t you sometimes wish it were? I’m always interested in seeing what fabulous bargains other people have found and as you may be aware,… Continue reading

Digital love

Just a short one today, I found a new spot in the garden to take my silly shots. It really is tricky taking photos of yourself, especially as the light in Australia is… Continue reading


What’s the strangest and most apparently useless thing you’ve ever bought at an op shop.. or any shop? I’m willing to bet it’s not a sporran, although that would be my entry if… Continue reading