Basic beige

Having crashed back to reality after the frivolities and fancies of Fashion Week, my Self-stitched item today is a basic beige cardigan which I made from a jumper i got for $3 at… Continue reading

The dream comes to an end

Fashion Week continues tomorrow, but for me it was the last day I could attend any shows as normal life resumes… ie I have to actually go back to earning a living at… Continue reading

One night – three fashion shows

It was day one of Self-stitched September yesterday, but more on that later… it was also day three of Fashion Week so fittingly I attended three – quite different -fashion shows. First up… Continue reading

Gala glamour

Yesterday (day two of Fashion Week) was a day of contrasts – the morning was spent unpacking and then repacking clothes, shoes and accessories from the Fox FM show last night, which is… Continue reading

Foxy fashion

The first night of Fashion Week went off with a bang (or a bark?) at the Fox FM show at the Forum Theatre last night… you can see official photos here – I… Continue reading

Sneak peek at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

… so as I mentioned in the last post, Spring Fashion Week is upon us here in Melbourne, and I’ve been booked solid for the past few days helping stylist Franco Schifilliti with… Continue reading

Spring fling with ex-boyfriend jeans

Can you believe it? It’s nearly Spring Fashion Week here in Melbourne! And how do I know that? Because, in true Melbourne style, it’s been freezing and pouring with rain for the past… Continue reading

Jewellery heaven

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m in love with ethnic jewellery. So it was not exactly a hardship for me to attend Alafia gallery (121 Ormond Road, Elwood, Victoria) last… Continue reading

Show and tell time

When even your tiny little geriatric cat can’t find her way under your bed due to all the crap under there, you know it’s time to clean up. Although admittedly sometimes I like… Continue reading

Vogue patterns model.. or Australia’s PM??

Is it just me or does the model for this pattern bear a striking resemblance to Julia Gillard!? This pattern has been sitting around on my shelf for ages… I just hope I’m… Continue reading