Hot chicks! .. who are All Dressed Up…

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was invited by the lovely Cecylia to hang out in her boutique last Friday, which turned out to be a real stinker, hence the… Continue reading

BIG discount at Cecylia online!!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the Cecylia boutique at 1113 High St, Armadale, for a stylish soiree at which I not only got to mingle with lovely ladies… Continue reading

Vogue Vintage… in nylon?

So, as you would have seen, the good news is that Suki’s fine. However, while that drama is out of the way for the time being, I now have to deal with being… Continue reading

Modern medicine RULES

After all my sookiness about Suki the other day I took her to the vet for blood pressure tests, and it turns out that her blood pressure was fairly much through the roof,… Continue reading

The too-hard basket

Just a note to say there may not be much frivolity from me in the next few days. Suki’s eyesight has started to fail – she’s been bumping into things in the past… Continue reading

Jemima and Geraldine wanted to know…

It’s a rainy weekend here in Melbourne but I’m on a scavenger hunt as Miss Claire tagged me. Fortunately it’s a virtual scavenger hunt or I would be soaked by now! Join me… Continue reading

Caught up in the web of memory lane

It’s a gorgeous spring day but instead of cavorting around in it, I’ve been trying to get my head around how to upload stuff onto my website.I had the website made last December… Continue reading

The making of the cheapest racewear outfit ever

Following Monday’s post on what I wore to the Cox Plate, I’ve decided to do the trendy craft blogger semi-tutorial thing and show you what went on and how much things cost in… Continue reading

Cheapest racewear outfit EVER?

… So as I mentioned a few posts ago, I decided to make an outfit to enter Fashions on the Field at the Cox Plate on Saturday. I’ll go into a few more… Continue reading

Glamorous race wear? No, gratuitous cat photo.

I was hoping I would, by this late date, be able to share some pics of my Cox Plate outfit that I am entering in Fashions on the Field this Saturday. (yes. THIS… Continue reading