Help Alice help the Queensland animals

How are things in your neck of the woods? As I sit here typing this in Melbourne it is pouring with rain, but at least I still have a roof over my head,… Continue reading


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Footwear style in-fringe-ment

Are you the kind of person who can never throw anything out just in case it comes in handy some day? I am, although I suspect you had probably come to that conclusion… Continue reading

From Tokyo to Fitzroy with the help of a Magic Lantern

For most people, the silly season and its subsequent socialising is over, but mine seems to have only just begun, with friends dropping in from all corners of the globe – a few… Continue reading

Old habits and hippy happiness in the new year

One thing I love about trips to places I rarely go is the chance to stumble on undiscovered op shops. So it pains me beyond logic when those trips happen to fall on… Continue reading

Bikini zen

Well, everyone, it’s 2011. How are we all? Did you have a fabulous New Year’s Eve? What did you get up to? I got up, packed madly (hate packing… doesn’t matter how long… Continue reading

Hanging (20)10

Can you believe it’s the last day of 2010? Nor can I… I’m heading down to the beach to see out the year with friends, so here’s an appropriate photo I prepared earlier.… Continue reading

Post-Christmas sales, cheap Chinese-style

Many years ago, when I was but a slip of a girl, the most exciting day of the year was not Christmas day, but stocktake sale day. I would stay over at my… Continue reading

Fashion show wrap up – a week late!

Due to my whingeing over the last few posts, you are already familiar with the event that prevented me from bringing you a post-show-post… yes, laptops suffer fashion show fatigue too, and mine… Continue reading

Pre-Christmas cheer gone wrong

So I just got a call from the computer maintenance guy who has told me that my entire hard drive is gone. Best Christmas present I have had in a while. I was… Continue reading