I blame it on the cupcakes

Contrary to popular belief (or maybe just wishful thinking on my part), it’s not every day that I get to eat delicious cupcakes, hang out with people who actually make an effort with… Continue reading

Cheapest dress EVER #2

Not too long ago I posted about a dress that cost me $1 and said it was my cheapest dress ever… well, I had forgotten that I’d bought this one. It also cost… Continue reading

Future op-tions

Although Self-stitched September is the ideal opportunity to showcase (read: show off) stuff I’ve made, the combination of crappy weather, being either too busy to actually get photos of my outfits or housebound… Continue reading

The green goddess and me

You know how I said I had hot chocolate with my friend the other day…? You’re probably thinking, what can get better than hot chocolate… and this one had ANISEED and CINNAMON in… Continue reading

All stitched up

How has your week been? I haven’t really done that much but this week seems to have flown by. I thought I’d just do a Self-stitched September update. Tuesday 14th September: really wanted… Continue reading

Red and wed!

My love of ethnic dress takes me to many exotic locales, some of which are not as straightforward as they may seem. Ten points to the person who can tell me where this… Continue reading

Romance wasn’t exactly born…

Do you ever get sick of having a normal pet like a cat or dog (sorry, Suki and Kelly!)? Don’t you sometimes think it would be fun to have, oh, I don’t know,… Continue reading

Highway out of the comfort zone

Sometimes it’s fun to step out of your comfort zone. Speaking in front of people ranks close to having to swim with sharks for me, but for some reason if I’m teaching people… Continue reading

Baby love

Babies seem to be everywhere these days!! All my friends seem to be having them, which means a fair amount of time is taken in making presents to welcome the little ones into… Continue reading

Tussling with tassels

How are all you Self-stitched September participants going with the challenge? I’m finding days when I don’t have to go out more of a trial than those when I have to make an… Continue reading