Hot or hideous? Tell me!

Today I have a question for you, dear readers. I’m not clever enough with this computer machine thingy to set up a survey, but I want your opinion. Are these shoes hot or… Continue reading

Bean a bit busy

Today I made the trek into the city to meet up with the beautiful Fabia. We’re coordinating the fashion show and other fashion related events for the Fair@Square festival in December and needed… Continue reading

Pink Panther?

…or should that be Pink Cougar, haha… not that I agree with that term but unfortunately I’m heading (read: hurtling at breakneck speed) into that age bracket! I haven’t worn this dress for… Continue reading

Tag time

So I’ve finally got down to the task of tagging some bloggers who have been kind enough to make the trip to Style Wilderness. *Caz at Bird With the Golden Seed because I… Continue reading

Rainy day road trip

You know how Melbourne has been in a drought for, oh, 13 years or something? And how you could be like 99% sure that it would not rain whenever you planned a day… Continue reading

Batik is back

Another quickie today – I am trying to think of some questions to tag other bloggers with as per my most recent post but my brain is on a break (it is the… Continue reading

Questions from Clare

Clare and her cat must have thought it was time for me to stop hanging out in mini skirts in front of my shed, because they’ve set me this challenge… I must say… Continue reading

Message to Melburnians

Just a quick one today to let you know that if you live in Melbourne you can experience the unparalleled thrill of listening to me rabbit on about my creations, life, and other… Continue reading

Bigger and brighter

The other night I was hunting around for something to wear to dinner with friends (cupboard full of stuff, something like 70 pairs of shoes, an even higher number of earrings, so no… Continue reading

To a tea

Last Sunday I had a day off work, and we all know what happens when I have a Sunday off… although this time I kept it a bit more local and went to… Continue reading