Questions from Clare

Clare and her cat must have thought it was time for me to stop hanging out in mini skirts in front of my shed, because they’ve set me this challenge… I must say… Continue reading

Message to Melburnians

Just a quick one today to let you know that if you live in Melbourne you can experience the unparalleled thrill of listening to me rabbit on about my creations, life, and other… Continue reading

Bigger and brighter

The other night I was hunting around for something to wear to dinner with friends (cupboard full of stuff, something like 70 pairs of shoes, an even higher number of earrings, so no… Continue reading

To a tea

Last Sunday I had a day off work, and we all know what happens when I have a Sunday off… although this time I kept it a bit more local and went to… Continue reading

Kate Bush eat your heart out!

Recently it was brought to my attention that my wardrobe is full of blue things and that I should wear more red to harness my creativity (which otherwise tends to just run amok,… Continue reading


I’m sure you’re all getting sick of photos of me swanning around in the backyard, so for a change here’s a little mystery item that I dug out to photograph when I was… Continue reading

Signature style

Recently I accepted a writing brief about signature pieces which made me think a little, as I didn’t think that I had a signature piece, personally. But even though I may not have… Continue reading

Felt like a change…

Woo hoo! The kimono book translation is finished! It won’t be actually published for yonks of course, so here’s one I prepared earlier. Well actually this is the Japanese version as the English… Continue reading

18 years in the making

Have you ever belittled yourself for procrastinating or not finishing things you started? What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever needed to complete a craft project? I’m thinking I could be in… Continue reading

Batik, baby, ye-ah!

Although my life is, like, a constant whirlwind of social engagements and glamorous fashiony events* I do sometimes just manage to squeeze in some writing gigs, the most regular one being for Peppermint… Continue reading