Garden of earring delights

It’s not often that I happen to be wandering around in the garden first thing in the morning, but on this dewy day in early autumn it was fascinating to see all the… Continue reading

Russian to buy these boots

Aah, the internet. Don’t you love how one minute you can be deep in serious research for an article you’re meant to be writing and the next your blood pressure is sky-high as… Continue reading

Girlz in the ‘hood

Just last week I was swanning around in shorts, but the weather today makes me want to dive back under the doona. It’s not always practical to carry your doona around with you,… Continue reading

Adventures in Aberglenistan

The taste of freedom was one to savour on my first Sunday away from the office for months over the Easter break. What was I to do with an entire selfish day to… Continue reading

Crushing on colour

So I know you’re all dying to know what happened to the pants I bought for $1. I’d firstly like to say, if you ARE dying to find out about them, you seriously… Continue reading

Keeping the conversation light

Don’t you love it when something you see every day is cast in a new light? This happened in a very literal sense the other day when I noticed this beautiful shadow against… Continue reading

Taking a chance on pants

Not long ago I experienced the unparalleled joy of visiting EIGHT, yes EIGHT op shops in the one morning. This journey was not as lucrative as it might sound, as I only ended… Continue reading

My little ray of sunshine

Apparently it’s 31 degrees today, but as I’m obliged to be at a computer indoors, I wouldn’t know. At least I can take heart in knowing that SOME of us are enjoying the… Continue reading

March magic

I’ve been able to get to quite a few op shops this month, and while I’m trying to show off some of my finds in a bit of an arty way (read ‘fiddling… Continue reading

Akha do do do…

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I have something of a penchant for all things ethnic. I may have even touched briefly upon this in a previous post. So of course… Continue reading