Yay for yukata

Although I haven’t had time to make any new pieces for my label for ages, I’ve been thinking a lot about kimono lately – mainly because I’m in the process of translating a… Continue reading

Dresses for Dubai

Late last year a friend from Tokyo asked me to whip up some dresses for a new store he was helping with in Dubai, Valleydez. Of course it happened to be the busiest… Continue reading

Fourth Daughter retrospective

Talking myself up is something I am extremely bad at, as I was reminded today when I was asked to prepare for a little informal presentation to the Social Studio at the end… Continue reading

Committing koromogae

Every six months, Japanese commit koromogae. Unlike harakiri, koromogae does not tend to result in death, unless the person committing it is smothered under a pile of their own clothes. This is actually… Continue reading

Moore ethnic stuff

If you’ve had enough time on your hands to be idly perusing this blog, then 1), you probably have less of a life than me, and 2), you probably will have noticed a… Continue reading

No Studio, no life

Back in the day when I was working in the fashion industry in Tokyo, it was nothing unusual for me to be wined and dined while enjoying exclusive entertainment such as THE Grace… Continue reading

Indian summer

Many months ago fate was kind to me at one of my favourite op shops. Just as I was about to leave empty handed, one of the staff started bringing stuff out from… Continue reading

Tin lid teaser

It’s such lovely weather this week but instead of fiddling around with my camera outside I’m stuck indoors thanks to scoring a translating job that has to be done by June. It’s 128… Continue reading

Porn for the fashion obsessed

A short but sweet post… here’s yet another beautiful distraction, thanks to Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing… you’ll have to click through to see what I’m talking about as I don’t have… Continue reading

Garden of earring delights

It’s not often that I happen to be wandering around in the garden first thing in the morning, but on this dewy day in early autumn it was fascinating to see all the… Continue reading