Kitty wrestling

Still at work on the translation… while checking out people’s blogs, of course (I really need to focus!). My mind is so much in Japan recently what with reading all about kimono and… Continue reading

The final chapter

I’m into the sixth week of a translating job and amazingly am on schedule… in fact today I got up to the final chapter. Yay! As it’s a book about kimono I thought… Continue reading

Pool hair

Not being able to run is doing my head in.* It’s also doing my hair in, because I’m having to go swimming instead**, and as if I don’t already have crap enough hair… Continue reading

Maternity mystery

I bet that’s got your attention. However, no, I do not have any news to announce (in fact, if I did have news of that nature, it would REALLY be a mystery, especially… Continue reading

Bagging a bargain

I’ve been showing off my dresses a lot lately, so here’s a break for anyone whose eyes are sick of the sight of me prancing around in the backyard! As part of a… Continue reading

Vicarious cocktail hour

It’s cocktail hour, but I don’t drink, and I’m at home slaving away at my translation anyway, or I would be if I weren’t writing a blog post. Woops! Anyway, for those of… Continue reading

Yay for yukata

Although I haven’t had time to make any new pieces for my label for ages, I’ve been thinking a lot about kimono lately – mainly because I’m in the process of translating a… Continue reading

Dresses for Dubai

Late last year a friend from Tokyo asked me to whip up some dresses for a new store he was helping with in Dubai, Valleydez. Of course it happened to be the busiest… Continue reading

Fourth Daughter retrospective

Talking myself up is something I am extremely bad at, as I was reminded today when I was asked to prepare for a little informal presentation to the Social Studio at the end… Continue reading

Committing koromogae

Every six months, Japanese commit koromogae. Unlike harakiri, koromogae does not tend to result in death, unless the person committing it is smothered under a pile of their own clothes. This is actually… Continue reading