Crochet your own coral reef

Well, I promised you a post about an amazing project, and here it is. I stumbled on this fabulous display of creativity at the Stringybark festival on the weekend. It’s called The Melbourne… Continue reading

Sewing the seeds to grow future fashionistas

This is turning into a regular Monday event, isn’t it… my “what I did on my weekend” ramblings, I mean. The only reason I’ve been doing these sort of posts is because I… Continue reading

Being Marc Jacob’s muse

Do these earrings look familiar? Well yes, I think they do… in fact I think they look quite a lot like these ones that I made recently from tassels that cost 50c each… Continue reading

Op shopping like it’s going out of fashion

So I went to the accountant the other day and was told I owe the tax department a rather significant amount of money. Subsequently swore I would stop buying stuff that I don’t… Continue reading

Acrobats, chocolate and much, much more

One of the great things about Melbourne is how it comes alive in the spring time. There’s festivals galore, and so many of the events are free! On Friday night I rounded up… Continue reading

Place your bets… spring racing season starts!

It’s finally spring again… which means snails hiding in peony flowers, beautiful blossoms everywhere, and more to the point…the spring racing carnival looms in Melbourne and all the lay-deez are trying to get… Continue reading

Baby love #2

It really seems to be the international year of the baby this year… I actually read in the paper recently that there’s a baby boom, so it’s not just my imagination. I showed… Continue reading

Day at the Melbourne Museum #2

Have I said yet how much I love the Melbourne Museum? No? You probably worked it out for yourselves from the number of pictures in my previous post… which will be repeated or… Continue reading

Day at the Melbourne Museum #1

Now that Self-stitched September is over you won’t have to put up with crappy outfit photos of me all the time*. But don’t worry, I have some other crappy photos for you under… Continue reading

In the Navy

It’s the last day of Self-stitched September! How did the rest of you go with it? I know I didn’t post about every single outfit I wore but believe me, I did wear… Continue reading