Fashion show fatigue

Well, apologies everyone, my computer has died (I think it’s a case of fashion show fatigue) so all my grand plans for millions of pictures from the fashion show have been put on… Continue reading

My friend’s big fat Greek/Sri Lankan/Thai wedding

Often my weekends are a leisurely affair involving slobbing around the house in tracksuit pants catching up on whatever I didn’t get done during the week and making feeble plans to tidy/dust/get a… Continue reading

Ridiculously good looking people strut their stuff for Fair@Square

Yeah, I know, Friday night, not cool to be sitting in front of a computer blogging in front of Go Girls (my guilty pleasure… anyone else out there love this soap from NZ?),… Continue reading


Oh-kay. So I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned several times over the past few months that I, along with the fabulous Fabia, have been organising a fashion show for Fair@Square festival this weekend. If… Continue reading

In which I learn AGAIN that craft does not pay

Whoever said that crime does not pay obviously meant to say craft. Last time I checked, robbing a bank could yield you a gazillion dollars, whereas my profits from the weekend’s craft stall… Continue reading

Night Art Market invitation

If you haven’t already worked it out from reading my ramblings on this blog, I like making stuff out of crap. It seems that it runs in the family as my sister also… Continue reading

Almost famous… a few years ago

Despite my relative anonymity now, back in the day I actually managed to get into a few “style snaps”-type spreads in fashion mags in various countries. So many, in fact, that I have… Continue reading

RMIT’s got talent

Normally unless it’s the Spring Carnival, you will never find me at a racetrack. But when I was invited to Moonee Valley racecourse for the RMIT VIP night this Tuesday, I decided to… Continue reading

Detox starts tomorrow

One of my friends is a food fiend. In fact, most of my friends are food fiends and so our social activities revolve around cooking and eating, although my skills do not really… Continue reading


You know how in nearly all sensible “wardrobe basics” lists, “classic white shirts” are mentioned? I’ve never been able to work them into my wardrobe, but then again I’d hardly call many of… Continue reading